World Prematurity Day – 17 November 2017

World Prematurity Day

For those of us who are blessed to conceive its not to be taken for granted the struggles that can come with conception and birth. Fertility issues, IVF, miscarriage, still birth and premature births. It’s easy to not realise the journey that some families have been on. Sometimes a long journey before a baby is born too. For some pregnancy is going fine then the body decides to go into premature labour. To recognise this World Prematurity Day is a global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and to recognise sadly the devastating impact it can have on some families.

Friday 17 November 2017 marks World Prematurity Day. An opportunity to raise awareness about premature birth across the world. 15 million babies are born early every year across the world – that’s around 11.5% of babies born every year. A baby born early is pre 37 weeks. A baby born post 37 weeks is a considered  healthy time to arrive. Prematurity is often unpredictable and in most cases, unexplained.

Having a premature baby can be such an overwhelming, emotional and worrying time for parents. A baby being whisked away to a neonatal unit and not necessarily in the hospital you’ve given birth in. As parents you want to care for your baby as soon as they are born so its unthinkable how devastating it must be to not have that choice. Therefore knowing your baby is being taken to a Neontal ICU that can do their upmost to care for your baby is paramount.

The sad consequences of prematurity

Of those 15 million babies born prematurely every year sadly one million of these will not survive. Prematurity is the leading cause for death in children under five years old.

Thankfully in the past 20 years the care around premature babies has vastly improved and we need to continue to support that.

Every baby is a miracle and we can’t forget that. Pregnancy is a blessing and we can’t take it for granted. Pregnancy can be tough but we have to remember as hard as it can be we’re so lucky. The days when you have terrible sickness, trying to adapt to your new pregnancy body, not being able to do what you did as easily anymore just remember its not forever. Carrying a baby full term is a blessing.

Little Roo Neonatal Fund

My awareness of the World Prematurity Day has been bought to light by a friend, who’s now gorgeous healthy little girl was born 8 weeks early in 2016. Thankfully she was under the care of a nearby hospital to myself – St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey who have an amazing neonatal unit. The family and their daughter received magnificent care. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local charity for the Neonatal ICU The Little Roo Neonatal Fund. This fund was set up in 2003 and continues to support babies, families & staff.

Working within the Neonatal ICU requires dedicated and specialist teams of highly trained nurses and doctors, available around the clock. St Peter’s is the only Level 3 Neonatal unit in Surrey with the appropriate staff, equipment, skills and experience to provide this highest level of ICU for the smallest and sickest newborn babies.

A stressful time for all but with the support of this amazing charity they were able to take there little girl home 5 weeks after she was born. This little fighter has grown into a gorgeous happy little girl and everything you expect a 19 month old to be. I know how truly thankful not only the parents but their family and friends were of the amazing support they received.

Without the set up of this charity in 2003 many families wouldn’t be able to receive the support needed.

The Little Roo Neonatal Fund raises money to provide support at St. Peter’s Neonatal Unit. To continue to offer the highest standards of intensive care for babies born in Surrey and further afield.

Let’s support Little Roo…

We need to continue with the support of these amazing facilities we have available to us in Surrey. Unfortunately none of us know if one day our baby may need their help or one of a family member or close friend. As an example a Neonatal ICU cot costs in the region of £80,000 to fully equip. With the support of the charity they have been able to purchase an ultrasound machine costing £60,000. Equipment to help babies breathe between £4,000 to £20,000 each. A breast milk pasteuriser costing £19,000 and devices for treating and monitoring potential brain injury at £20,000. These are significant amounts of money so as you can appreciate the charity really needs the continuing support.

Little Roo need the continued support to help provide additional and replacement specialist equipment. To be able to send staff for specialist training that the NHS cannot provide funding for.

Let’s help give premature babies the best chance of survival and quality of life by taking action on their behalf.

What can we do to help on World Prematurity Day?

We can make a donation to Little Roo Neonatal Fund. Every penny counts as they say to continue supporting the work they do. An easy way to donate is via Just Giving An easy and secure way of donating by credit or debit card.

You can donate by text by texting PREM15 £2 to 70070.

Wearing purple on the 17 November 2017 marks your support for World Prematurity Day too.

Raise awareness on Social Media – #WorldPrematurityDay #PrematurityIs

What will Hypnobirthing Mumma be doing to support World Prematurity Day?

I will be donating 5% of my takings to Little Roo from the 17 November – 16 December 2017 for any hypnobirthing course that is booked with me. So what more excuse do you need if you’d been thinking of booking a course to know it will also be helping a good cause too.

Want to know more about Hypnobirthing Mumma?

I’ve taught women who have experienced premature labour with previous pregnancies. I’ve been able to understand the emotions they went through with preterm. As to why they then choose to try hypnobirthing for subsequent births. Of course hypnobirthing can’t prevent premature labour but it can help expectant parents. Overcoming the fear associated around perhaps the week their previous baby was born, using techniques to stay calm and relaxed. Working through fear release.

I teach private hypnobirthing courses around London and Surrey. Areas include Chertsey, Hampton, Hillingdon, Isleworth, Kingston, Richmond, Sheen, St Margarets, Sunbury, Surbiton, Teddington, Twickenham, Weybridge, Windsor.

For my group courses I’m taking bookings for my November course in Hampton Hill in and my first course of 2018 the January course in St Margarets. So to find out more about hypnobirthing or to book your hypnobirthing classes get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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Ali x

World Prematurity Day - 17 November 2017

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