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Hypnobirthing Mumma’s Wedding

Wedded Bliss in the Sunshine!

Isn’t it amazing what sunshine does for us all. Makes you feel happy. People are smiling. We’re all so much friendlier! Vitamin D is good for the soul. I’ve been enjoying picking up where i left off a few weeks ago in Florida enjoying the beautiful sunshine and summer like weather in London. It caste me back to 4 weeks ago…. The wedding day had arrived – which had been 18 months in the making.

Since getting engaged on my birthday in 2015 my world had been consumed with not only my amazing hypno baby boy Oliver but also an exciting time of wedding planning. My inner little girl dreaming of getting married in a beautiful sparkly wedding dress had come true! The day came and as all brides say it passed in a flash. At 1am I had to admit defeat and leave the hardcore guests who were still standing around the pool to party on without me! Brides prerogative and all that…

The Wedding Day – 27.04.17

It was a wonderful day surrounded by most of our closest friends and family in the beautiful setting which Anna Maria Island, Florida. Set on a beach that is so white and impressed all of our guests. So much so my very good friend Cathy, co-owner of Puddle Ducks South West London, upon arrival said ‘why are there are diamonds in the sand’.

I started my day with a massive plate of pancakes, blueberries and maple syrup in the delightful Ginny’s & Jane’s cafe. Against tradition I enjoyed this with the groom Jamie and our son Oliver. As the getting ready process begun i was spoilt to be joined by lifelong friends throughout the day.

We picked The Sandbar to hold our wedding as it ticked all the boxes of what we were looking for. It was a very relaxed affair and I wanted people to enjoy the day not be worried about formalities. I wanted the guests who had kids with them to be able to enjoy the day. Not feeling like they need to keep the kids quiet or keep them seated in their seats for hours. By total coincidence the cottage we were staying in practically backed onto the entrance of Sandbar. I couldn’t have planned it any better if i’d tried.

Dad & I managed to walk down the aisle without tripping over one another as I was struggling to walk in the sand! We laughed all the way down the aisle which was great although took us a while to even get to the aisle as Oliver was insisting Grandad picked him up. Thankfully he took the hand of my Maid of Honor and his Godmother Lauren and eventually lead the way. At one point i was thinking they will need to re-start the song My Girl at this rate but then he decided he’d walk. Lets be honest he was the star of the show.

We invited guests to wear what they were comfortable in, bring the kids and to just enjoy themselves. The outcome a very happy set of guests on the day. We didn’t exchange rings instead opted for a sand ceremony where 2 sands are blended into one bottle. Whizzing through the vows so we could get on to the fun part! Piña coladas and mojitos consumed and copious portions of food to ensure everybody was well fed. The kids were well entertained with gift bags but i think the selfie station was more of a winner with them!

A big thanks to our support team

My superwoman also known as ‘Essex Kelly’ to differentiate between my childhood friend ‘Richmond Kelly’ joined me at 10am. I could write a book about this girl – her efforts on my wedding day were truly amazing. To say I feel blessed to have her in my life is an understatement. There is nothing Kelly wouldn’t have done for me and yes she helped me pee at the end of the night. She’d also held my hair back whilst throwing my guts up after my hen party. So i’m sure you’re getting the jist about how amazing she is. Her opening words when she arrived were this is your day and i’ll do anything you need me to. She was true to her word. She ensured the fizz was flowing whilst we were getting ready too.

The best man and his gorgeous girlfriend popped in during the course of the day to say hi – and yes Neerav certainly earns the title of Best Man. He is an amazing friend to Jamie & I and fantastic Godfather to Oliver. Helping me plan to surprise Jamie with his wedding gift. He put him off the scent by presenting him with a pair of personalised flamingo boxers. 15 minutes later he presented the real present – a watch. Can’t wait to see the look of disappointment on Jamie’s face with the boxers, as Chelsea our photographer was on hand to capture the moment!

Jamie was running around most of the morning including getting us girls all lunch before setting off himself to start getting ready with the boys.

My Stepdad Nigel and good friend Noddy must have lost about a stone in weight the morning of the wedding.  They were rallying around doing lots of jobs behind the scenes in the baking sunshine. Never complaining and unfortunately no time to breath for them before the 5pm ceremony!

Thankfully whilst this was all going on Oliver was a super star and having a massive afternoon nap for Mummy! Nanny and Grandad had truly worn him out that morning when they took him off my hands.

I loved having all my friends around me whilst i was getting ready. It was wonderful to be surrounded by good friends and family when I was putting my wedding dress. So blessed to have shared it with them.

One of my best friends, Diane couldn’t be with me as she is heavily pregnant. Yes we’d had lots of tears together about her not being there but thanks to FaceTime i got a picture with her. Albeit with my hair in rollers and Diane on an iPad screen! Joined by Superwoman Kelly in the picture to make The Three Musketeers as we’ve always called ourselves. Diane does have to take credit as being the driving force behind Jamie & I getting together with her endearing mischievous ways.

A great team of people goes a long way

We had amazing people around us to ensure what we wanted happened. A great event planner – A.J. owner of TheLoft5. A super talented cake maker Cindy owner of Hometown Desserts.  I don’t even know where to start about our super talented photographer, Chelsea, owner of Finding Light Photography. I’ve taken the liberty of posting a couple of Chelsea’s pictures for you all to see. I’m beside myself to see the final full set of pictures. This girl is such an amazing photographer!

I loved the laid back approach in Florida and the stress it took out of a traditional wedding. Friends enjoyed not only the wedding but loved Anna Maria Island. Many have told us they want to go back which delights us. It’s a lot to ask of people to fly across the Atlantic so for them to love the location was fantastic. Good friends who run their own businesses left those to join us again a big ask. To name a few Leanne putting her pilates classes in Twickenham on hold; Cathy leaving her husband Pete to man the fort for Puddle Ducks South West London; Laura taking a break from Laura Beth Photography and Jack putting down the plumbing tools. A massive thanks guys.

The best thing i found about getting married abroad, other than the relaxed style was the extended celebrations. We had drinks with friends the night before and the day after a BBQ at our gorgeous place we called home for a week – Anna Maria Cottage. We were truly spoilt to be surrounded by everybody for a few days.

It’s easy to get caught up in the finer details with weddings. My main objective was to keep it about Jamie, Oliver & I and about our guests. We wanted people to enjoy themselves, eat, drink and be merry. Upon reflection we achieved that, and all the other things that you sweat over deciding on dissolve in the background. The reason for this is because to be surrounded by those that love you and are enjoying your day as much as you are is the most important thing. To be thanked by friends for making it such an enjoyable day truly makes me happy.

So who’s up for an Anna Maria reunion?! Let’s get planning!

When i’m not getting married…

I’m busy helping expectant parents achieve the best birth for them. I offer hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston and surrounding areas in London. So to find out more about hypnobirthing or to book your hypnobirthing classes get in touch – i’d love to hear from you.

Keep in touch

Follow me via my blog,  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with all workshops and events taking place.

Sending you all positive vibes from my happy wedded place.

Mrs Ali Coleshill x

Hypnobirthing Mumma's Wedding

Hypnobirthing Mumma's Wedding


Do expectant Dad’s need to attend hypnobirthing classes?

Do Expectant Dad’s Need to Attend Hypnobirthing Classes?

When women enquire about hypnobirthing classes it is often the case that they’ve heard about the hypnobirthing option. Expectant Dad’s may have never heard of it and will often think that their pregnant parter is going to be hypnotised! A question regularly asked is ‘does my partner need to attend hypnobirthing classes?’. Dad’s may be reluctant to attend another ‘pregnancy’ course or a course that appears to be around hypnotism.

I would always encourage Dad’s to attend as well as Mum or of course your birthing partner if this isn’t Dad. Hypobirthing isn’t only beneficial to Mum to be in a relaxed, fearless mindset. It’s amazing for Dad’s as they feel they have a key role. Hypnobirthing teaches fathers about the workings of the female body when its birthing. They then understand how it can work so much more effectively if we work with it. Teaching them how fundamental their role is during the labour process. Working with Mum during those early stages of labour right through to the end.

Dad’s are filled with horror stories just like women are. Their thoughts around labour can be very negative. Its wonderful when I work with expectant parents and Dad’s feels so much more enlightened after the first session. During taster sessions that I host it’s refreshing at the end of the session when i then hear Dad’s talk about birth in a far more natural way. Understanding that as well as the medicinal pain relief there are other options to aid a more natural birth if Mum wants that. Water birth is a very typical one that Dad’s often feel is a great option.

How is hypnobirthing beneficial for Dad’s to be?

Hypnobirthing isn’t just about Mum the benefits are for all involved – Mum, Dad and baby. Some of the key elements for Dad’s are:

  • Understanding they play a key role and aren’t a spare part during labour as they don’t know what is going on
  • A natural instinct to protect and understanding that a man’s hormones adapt to this role during birth
  • They can be the protector of space and the voice for Mum during labour
  • Asking questions and being able to make informed decisions having the knowledge from hypnobirthing
  • Understanding how the vital hormone, Oxytocin can be encouraged to birth a baby
  • Keeping Mum calm and relaxed to encourage the Oxytocin hormone to work effectively
  • Able to use the massage and stroking techniques to keep Mum relaxed
  • Ensuring Mum is hydrated and keep her energy levels up
  • Learning about the golden hour and how important that hour is for them too

Many Dad’s instantly find a connection with hypnobirthing when I liken it to sports. If they play sports themselves they understand the training that takes place for example to run a marathon. How we train our bodies to perform, work with the necessary hormones and respond to our bodies needs really resonates with them. Understanding the mental ability of the mind and body connection that you need in sport. Hypnobirthing works on the same principles. Its about practice, training the body for the ‘marathon’ it will undertake when birthing a baby and trusting where the mind leads the body will follow. I’ve worked with many Dad’s who do or have participated in team sports and this comparison helps them to understand the principles of hypnobirthing. They often also become very engaged at this stage when they have a good understanding.

Looking to book a hypnobirthing course?

I offer hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston and surrounding areas in London. So to find out more about hypnobirthing or to book your hypnobirthing classes get in touch – i’d love to hear from you.

Follow me via my blog,  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with all workshops and events taking place.

Ali x

Alison Hypnobirthing page Do expectant Dad’s need to attend hypnobirthing classes?


What is hypnobirthing?

What is hypnobirthing?

Although hypnobirthing has become more widely known about in recent years ‘what is hypnobirthing‘ it is still a widely asked question.  People can be mislead by the hypno part and confuse it with being in a hypnotic state which it isn’t.  Hypnobirthing enables a woman to work with her body which is designed to give birth. It allows a woman to release any fear and negativity associated with birth. Many women have been programmed to believe birth is painful due to the negativity surrounding us from a young age. Negativity can come from birth stories, TV shows, films etc. Hypnobirthing replaces this with a calm confidence about birth.

Women who use hypnobirthing technique often go on to say what a wonderful experience birth was for them. They can’t wait to do it again. These are words been used by women who associated birth with being painful. I am one of these women!

How can Hypnobirthing Mumma help you?

I run workshops with Triona who runs YogaBellies Richmond to help women have the best birth for them. The workshop consists of a one hour relaxing pregnacy yoga session followed by a two hour hypnobirthing taster. The feedback we receive around these sessions is extremely positive. Often empowering women with the alternative options they do have around birth. It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience and you can feel empowered to have the birth you want. It’s a great learning tool for Dad’s too who are often only aware of the birthing stories or options expectant Mum has told them.

The workshop allows people to ask all the questions around what is hypnobirthing? Which then allows them to feel more informed and as to whether they would then like to do the full hypnobirthing course.

When is the next workshop?

The next workshop is being held on Saturday 10 June from 10.00 – 14.00. We encourage Dad’s and birthing partners to join us too. Often Dads really enjoy both sessions especially if they’ve never experienced yoga or have no knowledge of hypnobirthing.

This workshop takes place at Hamptons International Richmond in a private room on the first floor. We provide refreshments, a light lunch and a goodie bag. The cost of the session is £75 per couple.

Hypnobirthing course discounts

As a thank you parents who go on to book a private hypnobirthing course having attended the workshop I give a 10% discount of the course price.

Ready to book a hypnobirthing course? I’d would love hear from you so please do get in touch.

Follow me via my blog,  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date with all workshops and events taking place.

Ali x

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Hypnobirthing Taster Sessions in Richmond

Want to know more about hypnobirthing before booking a course?

As a hypnobirthing practitioner I get asked lots of questions about hypnobirthing as you’d expect. When parents are expecting a baby there are a lot of things to consider financially. Parents can feel that to pay out for a hypnobirthing course is an additional unnecessary cost. For my partner and I it was money very well spent. It allowed us to have a relaxed birth that we felt in control of. I often reflect on it as an amazing experience. Hypnobirthing taster sessions can give you a flavour of hypnobirthing before paying out for a complete course.

The hypnobirthing course I offer is the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing full antenatal package.  This is covered over 2 – 4 sessions with parents in the comfort of their own home. A one-to-one experience allowing you to ask questions and have my full support and attention. So although another expense to consider it gives you the time as parents to fully engage and not just rely on a book or an app you may purchase. Hypnobirthing is a lot more that just reading a book and hoping it will work.

Hypnobirthing taster sessions given expectant parents the opportunity to discover if hypnobirth is the birth they would like to experience. Of course it is what it says, a taster session. You won’t leave with all the tools and techniques we cover in a full course but with a good understanding.

Hypnobirthing taster sessions

I am delighted to work with YogaBellies Richmond offering hypnobirthing taster sessions as part of a pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing workshop. These workshops are inclusive of Dad or birthing partner and run for a duration of 4 hours in Richmond, Surrey.  Starting with an hour of pregnancy yoga followed by a two hour hypnobirthing taster session. Refreshments and goodie bags included too.

The feedback we got from our first workshop that was held at Hamptons International in Richmond was fantastic. Parents left feeling excited and relaxed. Some were already very aware of what hypnobirthing was for others it opened their eyes to other options around birth.

It’s really rewarding for me when I can help an expectant mother who is very afraid of birth to actually see it in a whole different light. To actually say at the end of a session I’ve given her something to think about. Realising birth doesn’t have to be flat on your back, being immobile and monitored if you’re not considered to be at any risk.

The taster sessions really help Dad to get a better understanding of birth too.  For some Dads they have no knowledge on what to expect and are led by Mum. If Mum is fearful and has only spoken about the negatives and her fear Dad often follows suit. Lots of Dads really engage with the idea of water births. Once I explain how they can work as natural pain relief and the relaxation element of the water. Dads don’t want to see Mums in any discomfort so wants to work with her to achieve a better birth.

How often are the taster sessions held?

We are looking to hold taster sessions every 2-3 months. We will be announcing a date very soon for a workshop around May/June 2017 in Richmond.

Follow me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where I will be sharing the next workshop dates.

Hypnobirthing course discounts

As a thank you parents who go on to book a private hypnobirthing course having attended the workshop I give a 10% discount of the course price.

Ready to book a hypnobirthing course? I’d would love hear from you so please do get in touch.

Ali x


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Hypnobirthing Classes in Richmond

Hypnobirthing & Yoga

As a Mum of a two year old I often find myself being asked for recommendations from fellow pregnant Mummies. I always recommend a hypnobirthing course and yoga. I fundamentally believe these two practices work together in complete harmony. Hypnobirthing Mumma offers hypnobirthing classes in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Many Mum’s find themselves starting pregnancy yoga courses when they are pregnant.  Some already practicing yogini’s others never taken a yoga class before. Either way I highly recommend it. It’s not only a lovely relaxing time for Mum and baby but a great way to meet other expectant Mums. As well as the relaxation you get the benefit from a workout, breath work and learning ideal birthing positions. Many Mums find they can really relax and connect with their baby during relaxation.

Hypnobirthing works in harmony with yoga as it focuses on relaxation, a calm mind and positivity. Working through any fears or anxiety Mum has about labour in order to prepare her for a birth she looks forward to. I found myself using my yoga breath during labour combined with the breathing I learned with hypnobirthing. I was able to focus my mind and be completely in the moment.

Benefits of hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is inclusive of Dad and birthing partners. It allows them to fully understand the process off labour and what Mum is working through. They have a role during the whole process rather than feeling like a spare part which many Dads/birthing partners have encountered. Mum can be uninterrupted whilst trying to hypnobirth as they can act as the voice for Mum.  They can remind Mum of the anchors to bring her back in the moment found through affirmations, relaxation scripts, massage techniques and visualisation. Dads and birthing partners who participate in hypnobirthing classes who may have had hesitation beforehand are often very surprised at how beneficial they find it.

Mums who are relaxed through the birthing period tend to birth very calm babies.  They often won’t cry immediately and this calm demeanour tends to continue as they baby grows. Its a truly tranquil environment when you find yourself hypnobirthing or have the pleasure of being with a hypnobirthing labouring Mum. It could be described as completely delicious!

A calm and loving birthing environment encourages the Oxytocin hormone that we need to flow generously through a labouring mother. This hormone works with the uterus to birth the baby. It is catching so if all involved in the room are calm this has amazing effects. This is a key part of the teachings in hypnobirthing and working with expectant parents how they can keep the Oxytocin flowing.

Hypnobirthing classes in Richmond

I host private hypnobirthing classes in Richmond and I am delighted to be partnering up with Triona from YogaBellies Richmond to host a half day workshop. Join us on Saturday 18th March at 10.00 – 14.00 at 2nd Floor, Hamptons International, 8 The Quadrant, Richmond, TW9 1BP.  The cost of the course includes a 1 hour pregnancy yoga session for pregnant Mummies to be followed by an introduction to hypnobirthing session with both parents/birthing partner, refreshments and goodie bag. There will also be adequate time at the end for myself and Triona to answer any questions. I will be offering a 10% discount for any private hypnobirthing course that is booked from this session.

So if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to pregnancy and birth I would love to hear from you. If you want to feel nurtured and nourished come and indulge yourself at this workshop. You won’t be disappointed and I’m sure it will leave you wanting more at the end of it. Booking is essential so please contact me to book your space. Alternatively if you can’t make this date but are looking for hypnobirthing classes in Richmond then Hypnobirthing Mumma would love to hear from you.

Ali x

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Hypnobirthing Classes in Twickenham

Hypnobirthing Classes in Twickenham

When I was considering hosting group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham I wanted to host them in a warm and welcoming environment. It was then I came across The Heart in Twickenham. I had signed up to start a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course which was being held at The Heart. As soon as I walked in I knew this would be the perfect place to host hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham. Of course with it being such a lovely space it’s very popular but we found some dates that worked for me.

The Heart holds all sorts of wonderful holistic classes. To name a few – therapeutic, ashtanga vinyasa, pregnancy and Scaravelli inspired yoga.  A wonderful Pilates class for a range for abilities – held by my very dear friend Leanne. Wellbeing workshops such as massage, acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation.  Realising they hosted all of these holistic classes I knew hypnobirthing classes would be perfect here.

I came to realise during my Foundation Yoga Course that the Heart really does give back to the community of Twickenham supporting local charities. I was so touched and inspired when Tuesday – the lady behind The Heart came to tell us during our yoga course about her desire to have a ‘Heart’ in Kerala, India. A centre that gives back to the community such as the one in Twickenham. A place where India yoga retreats in Kerala could be held by Tuesday. Where for those people who love the idea of going to India for a yoga retreat but are slightly afraid Tuesday could organise everything from the transport from the airport, accommodation and the yoga.

The vision is to have The Heart in the seaside town in Kovalam, Kerala. A small coastal town in the southern Indian state of Kerala, south of Thiruvananthapuram. A beautiful place, which has a community feel and Yogi’s would be welcomed to practice yoga. Tuesday has spent a lot of time here and has grown close to the community.

So true to the word of what the Heart is about with money raised from classes held there Tuesday gave back to the community. Not only in Twickenham but in Kovalam too. A donation was made to Off The Record, a counselling and information charity for young people in the Richmond borough.  The money donated would be used towards things such as counselling sessions.  A donation of £400 was then also made to the community in Kovalam and with that raised they achieved so much.

  • Flash was bought a water heater so he could rent his spare room out to tourists. Without a water heater tourists weren’t willing to stay.
  • Workmen were paid to repair a footpath that had been badly damaged in the monsoon. It had become too difficult for some old people and children to use.
  • Kuttan, the rickshaw driver got a new mobile phone which boosts his business especially in the tourist season.
  • Rajesh, who hires out beach beds and umbrellas, had a new uniform made at the local tailor’s. This was to replace the nylon shirt and track pants he was wearing. So that was a double benefit because the tailor got work.
  • Sagunthala, who’s been selling fruit on the beach for more than 20 years, got a donation from us to build a wooden display stand for her wares. Rather than putting them on a plastic sheet on the pavement.
  • Amernath, the priest, was given a contribution towards speech therapy for his 5 year old son who has a debilitating stammer.
  • Biju, reflexologist and beauty therapist, is going self-employed and setting up a new beauty room. They paid for leaflets and signage to help him along.
  • Baiju had essential maintenance work done to get his rickshaw back on the road.

I am totally in awe of how this centre in Twickenham has managed to make such a difference. To those in Kovalam and more closely to home to the young people using Off The Record. Hopefully by me hosting hypnobirthing classes I am making help a difference to by supporting such a great community centre.

The heart really does live up to this reputation. ‘A centre for personal and social enrichment and a place to connect with yourself and others’. The world is a better place when we’re trying to help others and our local community. We should celebrate places like The Heart and people like Tuesday who want to give back and help others.

So if you’re looking for group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham held in a warm environment please do get in touch to find out more. I host these classes with a maximum of five couples and my upcoming course is held over two weekends.  Sunday 19th March and Saturday 1st April from 09.30 – 14.00.

Ali x

Hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham

Does hypnobirthing really work?

Does hypnobirthing really work during labour?

Since I’ve started my hypnobirthing practitioner journey I’ve often got a lot of glazed looks when I talk about hypnobirthing generally being asked what’s that? I’ve even been asked do I have nursing qualifications to do that? For women who have had babies they’ve looked at me like I’m crazy when I’ve explained what it is, saying ‘oh no that would never have worked for me’ to which I reply it did work for me. What I learnt quickly is that hypnobirthing is still an unknown area for a lot of people and why wouldn’t it be as we live in a society where normally we only focus on the negatives of childbirth, viewing it as a medical procedure not what a positive and amazing experience it can be.

Hypnobirthing can help expectant mothers achieve a birth that they are happy with and one that makes them feel in control of the situation and the choices that they make. It helps fathers and birthing partners be part of the labour, learning how to support you and a have an active role in the birth – sound good so far? It can help women not only through a natural delivery but also one where there may be a c-section, an induction or other forms of intervention mentioned or given. It gives women the ability to understand their choices and question their caregivers to ensure they achieve a birth they are happy with.

Hypnobirthing works as it educates women on eliminating fear and building confidence in birth. Fear causes stress and when you go into labour you don’t want to feel stressed as this just discourages the love hormone, oxytocin, which we want the body to be producing as this works as a natural relaxant enabling our muscles to work as they should to birth your baby. It teaches us to be able to go into deep relaxation and to use visualisation as a tool.  I visualised I was lying on a beach during my labour….it was bliss! I wasn’t aware of all of these important hormones though before I got pregnant I was only introduced to them during my hypnobirthing course and I was totally enlightened. What are bodies actually work with us to birth a baby?!

I’m an advocate of hypnobirthing as I was that terrified girl from a very young age who thought childbirth was totally unnatural. As soon as I conceived I knew educating myself on everything to do with pregnancy and labour would stand me in good stead once that day arrived. I believe knowledge is power and hypnobirthing enabled me to have the tools to have a relaxed, calm and focused birth.  Even when I had to be moved from the lovely natural birth centre into the labour ward I wasn’t fazed or concerned. I was confident in myself and my amazing midwife not to mention the support I had from my partner and my Mum.  When the labour ward team started to prep me for an epidural my hypnobirthing course had given me the tools to question my caregivers. I was able to tell the team I didn’t want to go to theatre, why would I when I’d done all the hard work. I was able to ask what did I need to do for my baby to be delivered naturally, which he was albeit with a little bit of help very shortly after. My baby wasn’t in distress and nor was I so why would I be rushed to theatre unnecessarily? My baby boy was born in a calm environment and was very calm himself. I trusted my body and had been confident in delivering my baby successfully.

Unfortunately on the whole we do have a negative view of childbirth and it’s associated with being the most painful and hideous thing a woman can go through at times or something that happens immediately as soon as labour starts. We only ever talk about the bad experiences and we don’t celebrate the good as who wants to hear a straightforward story? I do that’s who! I like to share my happy birth story with any expectant mums who want to hear it as since having a baby a new bug bearer of mine is others parents not only like to tell you how awful birth is they also like to tell you all the negatives of parenting from how breastfeeding is so hard, the lack of sleep, tantrums, you’ll life will never be the same again need I go on?!  Not how amazing it is becoming a parent and all the wonderful new things you get to experience – I can’t imagine my life now without my little boy.

So lets spread the word that hypnobirthing can work and celebrate the wondrous thing that birth is.

Ali x