Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga

Having fully appreciated the benefits of yoga and hypnobirthing the first time round with pregnancy it inspired me to want to train in both of these fields. So earlier on this year I had the pleasure of training with the amazing Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in pregnancy yoga. It was such an inspiring course especially when you’re in a  room of keen students some of which were pregnancy or there with their new babies breastfeeding whilst learning.

I do fully intend to share my learnings as a teacher once my second baby has arrived as I believe it compliments hypnobirthing so well. What it most certainly encouraged me to do was seek a great pregnancy yoga teacher for this pregnancy. I learnt quite quickly this pregnancy was going to be different to my first! My bump seems to be growing at the rate of knots.

My love of pregnancy yoga with my second pregnancy

With my first pregnancy my exercise regime didn’t change that much. I stopped doing any weights and around 8 months decided that I didn’t want to attend spinning classes anymore. But I carried on training, going to yoga and was in the gym the day before I went into labour. Fast forward 3 years and my gym sessions have changed.

Rather than hitting the gym or a spin class I do more yoga that anything now. Since falling pregnant I’ve found myself doing even more yoga. When I manage yoga 4/5 times a week I feel amazing. Unlike last week when life got in the way and I only managed it once! Life getting in the way really isn’t an excuse though as I know 10 minutes is better than nothing. Maybe I can blame Christmas sneaking up on me?!

I have continue to attend my regular class but unlike my first pregnancy I’ve become more limited with what I can do. Due to this ever growing bump! So I just have acceptance and do what I can and taking the alternatives offered to me. Admittedly I was a bit frustrated to begin with that I was more limited.

Being as active as possible that your pregnant body will allow during pregnancy is so important and will benefit you. Both pre and post-natally and not forgetting so much so during the labour. So to keep up my training is important to me. Yoga compliments pregnancy so well as encourages you to work your pelvic floor which is a must ladies! Keeping those core muscles strengthened to help you carry that growing bump and ease the back ache.

How I’ve found pregnancy yoga has benefited me

Attending pregnancy yoga classes is a breath of fresh air! Yippee I’m not the only one in the room with an ever growing bump. I’m not catching a glimpse of myself in a room full of mirrors. Importantly I came away feeling like I’d had a workout and stretched my sometimes aching body.

Training in pregnancy yoga has most certainly improved my discipline at home. Finding time to practice at home has become easier. I know that yoga is great regardless of your physical body mentally and physically. Being pregnant I find i’m more limited with the classes I can attend due to availability at times that work for me therefore forcing me to practice at home and it feels amazing.

I enjoy practising at home but its lovely being in a class as you get talking to the other expectant Mummas. Being with like-minded people who may be experiencing similar things that you are in pregnancy is reassuring. I’ve been able to share my hypnobirthing knowledge during classes too which has been wonderful.

I was keen to find a pregnancy yoga class that I still felt worked my body as my regular dynamic classes do. The classes I’ve attended have been fantastic. I’m lucky to have some great yoga teachers on my doorstep who have years of experience. With teaching hypnobirthing I have always said how it compliments yoga so well. I fundamentally believe these two practices work together in complete harmony. Its been great attending classes where teachers also understand the benefits of hypnobirthing and share that with the class attendees.

Being around positive vibes is good for your soul. I always come out of yoga beaming as I love the positive and noncompetitive environment. Pregnancy yoga leaves me feeling the same way. Being surrounded by women who are blessed to be pregnant is a lovely feeling.

Attending these classes has allowed me to be taught by fantastic teachers, Muriel Mueller and Nina Airey and be around like-minded people. Refreshing to be in a class of pregnant ladies who all support and reassure one another.

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy

I’d encourage anybody to attend yoga. Even if you’ve never done yoga before attending a pregnancy yoga class is suitable. Research suggests that practising yoga while pregnancy can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.
  • Your body can feel more supported from yoga including helping ease any back pain you might be experiencing from carrying your baby bump around. Supporting the changes that are happening in a pregnant body
  • Helps tone the physical body, especially the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal core muscles, in preparation for the birthing process
  • Works to connect with yoga methods around deep, mindful breathing which helps the body loosen and relax during labour
  • Women find they connect more with their baby when they attend a yoga class. They have that sense of relaxation and being present in that moment. Disconnecting from anything else going on in the outside world
  • Through stretching and toning your muscles yoga can help ease common pregnancy symptoms. These include back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga encourages healthy blood circulation throughout the body. Combined with the deep breathing it can bring much needed oxygen to your baby and to your own muscles
  • Babies love the Om’s encouraged in yoga classes – don’t be afraid to use your voice you’ll certainly need to find it as a Mum
  • It’s also a great way to meet other expectant Mums

When I’m not practising yoga….

I’m busy helping expectant parents achieve the best birth for them. I offer group and private hypnobirthing classes in Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston and surrounding areas in London and Surrey.

I host Birth Preparation Workshops with the lovely Triona who runs YogaBellies Richmond. A great way for expectant parents to get a taster of hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga.

So to find out more about hypnobirthing or to book your hypnobirthing classes get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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