Hypnobirthing Mumma’s hypno baby

Hypnobirthing Mumma’s hypno baby

Today was a special day; it was my very own hypno baby’s second birthday. We spent the day at the New Forest Wildlife Park – albeit very cold the animals were a big hit! I’m not too sure where the past two years have gone but they have been nothing short of amazing. Being a Mother is the best job in the world. I often look at Oliver and feel like my heart may burst with love. Every day he makes me laugh with his endearing personality.

I’ve spent the day thinking this time two years ago I was very chilled.  I attended an antenatal appointment thinking I was in labour but the midwife didn’t seem convinced we didn’t even discuss it that much. Looking back I think it was because I was so relaxed why would she think I was in labour? Or perhaps she didn’t want to alarm me that yes it could be happening.  I just continued about my day having lunch after at one of my favourite cafes. It was during this lunch that I knew I was in labour!  I wasn’t scared or filled with fear just genuinely excited that my baby’s birthday had finally arrived.  I continued to be relaxed for the duration of my labour and my hypno baby boy was born into a very calm and relaxed environment.

It’s a great feeling being able to look back at the birth of my son as such a wonderful and amazing time.  I have no negativity surrounding the birth. I loved every moment of being able to experience labour and have a birth that I was happy with.  Throughout I was calm, in control and I laughed a lot! Hypnobirthing had opened my eyes to the choices we have as women around the births of our children. I felt empowered during my labour and knew what I wanted.  I felt educated on the elements of birth and what our bodies need to birth a baby.

Since Oliver arrived in this world at 23:31 on the 26th January 2015 he has been a very calm and content little boy.  Although these could be just seen as personality traits I do believe because he was born in a very calm environment. At no point during the labour were either of us distressed  and I believe this has contributed to his calm nature. He was never a baby who cried a lot. Even now when he wakes he just kicks back in his cot chilling out until eventually he’ll call out Mummy or Daddy to get our attention. Hypno babies are often calm babies to the nature of the births.

I feel blessed everyday to have Oliver and to have experienced a wonderful hypnobirth. It’s made me so passionate about helping other women achieve a birth they are happy with and one they can look back on with great affection because it’s possible – I’m the proof!

So here’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY my gorgeous hypno baby. Thank you for all the things you’ve taught me about myself since I found out I was pregnant.

Ali x

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