Hypnobirthing Mumma’s Love of Yoga

Hypnobirthing Mumma’s Love of Yoga

Talk to me about anything pregnancy related and you’ll get a very positive vibe from me. I’m not denying I have days when I’m exhausted seeking the caffeine (some days the wine!) but I love it. I’m getting ahead of myself as rewind 8 years & I’d have told you quite categorically that childbirth is the most unnatural thing in the world! Followed by I like the idea of yoga but I wanted a ‘real’ workout.

Then something changed not all at once but I made a new year’s resolution that I would take up yoga and wow! Amazing going into a class that’s not competitive, all about acceptance and positive vibes. At first I thought I’m never going to be able to do this. I was a gym bunny so I was fit but my flexibility was a lot to be desired. Several years on I’ve still got a long way to go but I swear by yoga. It’s improved my strength more so than anything I’ve ever done in the gym.

I then reached a stage in my life where having a baby became a priority. Something changed in my mind set that actually woman are made to birth a baby. Like most women I’ve got friends who have mixed births some a breeze, others needing intervention but at the end of them they all had wonderful babies. We were delighted when I fell pregnant and I started on the amazing journey that is pregnancy.

I’d always worked out and was lucky enough to feel energized and healthy for the duration of my pregnancy. I continued to do most of the things I enjoyed at my gym including yoga regularly. My priority during pregnancy was my health and wellbeing – ensuring I could do everything possible for my unborn baby.

I visualised a relaxed, natural birth but was open minded knowing that sometimes we don’t always get what we want. I booked a private hypnobirthing course as the principles aligned with what I wanted and was amazed at what I learnt I was so inspired.  So much so I recommended it to many pregnant friends!

The day arrived when my baby decided that he wanted to make an appearance. It was a very chilled day I wasn’t even sure if I was in labour so carried on with my day.

My labour was a wonderful expereience. I’ll tell you I had harder days at work and I spent the duration of my labour in a happy place with my partner and Mum. Hypnobirthing was fantastic for me. I was so pleased I’d done it but what I also found out during labour was how much my yoga came into it too. The combination of yoga and hypnobirthing worked perfectly for me. It allowed me to take myself to a chilled out place. Believing in my body and the breath work ensured I was relaxed and my Oxytocin hormone levels high. I birthed a very calm little boy.

So I’d had my son and I was loving life.  Enjoying maternity leave but also realising I’d found something I was so passionate about and wanted to share with other pregnant women. Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga. It’s the two things I advise friends to do when they ask my advice around pregnancy. I truly believe they helped me be strong in mind and body pre and post labour. I wanted to do more than just be passionate so I retrained as a Hypnobirthing teacher.  This is one of the most amazing courses I’ve ever attended and get this it was in a yoga centre – I was in heaven! I felt so inspired.

I’m currently doing a BWY Foundation Yoga course and am going to train as a pregnancy yoga and baby yoga teacher. I finally feel like I’ve found my vocation and who knew considering I was the one who said childbirth was unnatural all those years ago.

So my advice to you ladies… Embrace your pregnancy and be kind to your body. If its your thing enjoy the yoga before, during and after your pregnancy. I find it can be more satisfying than the caffeine or the wine when you’ve had ‘one of those days’.

Ali x


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  • Nicole Baker

    Beautiful, positive and inspiring post!! I wish I had have known about this during my pregnancy, I would’ve taken this up in a heartbeat. So proud of you Ali xxx

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