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February 2017

Hypnobirthing Classes in Twickenham

Hypnobirthing Classes in Twickenham

When I was considering hosting group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham I wanted to host them in a warm and welcoming environment. It was then I came across The Heart in Twickenham. I had signed up to start a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course which was being held at The Heart. As soon as I walked in I knew this would be the perfect place to host hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham. Of course with it being such a lovely space it’s very popular but we found some dates that worked for me.

The Heart holds all sorts of wonderful holistic classes. To name a few – therapeutic, ashtanga vinyasa, pregnancy and Scaravelli inspired yoga.  A wonderful Pilates class for a range for abilities – held by my very dear friend Leanne. Wellbeing workshops such as massage, acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation.  Realising they hosted all of these holistic classes I knew hypnobirthing classes would be perfect here.

I came to realise during my Foundation Yoga Course that the Heart really does give back to the community of Twickenham supporting local charities. I was so touched and inspired when Tuesday – the lady behind The Heart came to tell us during our yoga course about her desire to have a ‘Heart’ in Kerala, India. A centre that gives back to the community such as the one in Twickenham. A place where India yoga retreats in Kerala could be held by Tuesday. Where for those people who love the idea of going to India for a yoga retreat but are slightly afraid Tuesday could organise everything from the transport from the airport, accommodation and the yoga.

The vision is to have The Heart in the seaside town in Kovalam, Kerala. A small coastal town in the southern Indian state of Kerala, south of Thiruvananthapuram. A beautiful place, which has a community feel and Yogi’s would be welcomed to practice yoga. Tuesday has spent a lot of time here and has grown close to the community.

So true to the word of what the Heart is about with money raised from classes held there Tuesday gave back to the community. Not only in Twickenham but in Kovalam too. A donation was made to Off The Record, a counselling and information charity for young people in the Richmond borough.  The money donated would be used towards things such as counselling sessions.  A donation of £400 was then also made to the community in Kovalam and with that raised they achieved so much.

  • Flash was bought a water heater so he could rent his spare room out to tourists. Without a water heater tourists weren’t willing to stay.
  • Workmen were paid to repair a footpath that had been badly damaged in the monsoon. It had become too difficult for some old people and children to use.
  • Kuttan, the rickshaw driver got a new mobile phone which boosts his business especially in the tourist season.
  • Rajesh, who hires out beach beds and umbrellas, had a new uniform made at the local tailor’s. This was to replace the nylon shirt and track pants he was wearing. So that was a double benefit because the tailor got work.
  • Sagunthala, who’s been selling fruit on the beach for more than 20 years, got a donation from us to build a wooden display stand for her wares. Rather than putting them on a plastic sheet on the pavement.
  • Amernath, the priest, was given a contribution towards speech therapy for his 5 year old son who has a debilitating stammer.
  • Biju, reflexologist and beauty therapist, is going self-employed and setting up a new beauty room. They paid for leaflets and signage to help him along.
  • Baiju had essential maintenance work done to get his rickshaw back on the road.

I am totally in awe of how this centre in Twickenham has managed to make such a difference. To those in Kovalam and more closely to home to the young people using Off The Record. Hopefully by me hosting hypnobirthing classes I am making help a difference to by supporting such a great community centre.

The heart really does live up to this reputation. ‘A centre for personal and social enrichment and a place to connect with yourself and others’. The world is a better place when we’re trying to help others and our local community. We should celebrate places like The Heart and people like Tuesday who want to give back and help others.

So if you’re looking for group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham held in a warm environment please do get in touch to find out more. I host these classes with a maximum of five couples and my upcoming course is held over two weekends.  Sunday 19th March and Saturday 1st April from 09.30 – 14.00.

Ali x

Hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham

Hypnobirthing Classes in London

Hypnobirthing Classes in London

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to an antenatal class? One that works to release any fears associated with labour? To build your confidence around the birthing process and learn how amazing the body is at birthing a baby? Then you’ve come to the right place as Hypnobirthing Mumma can help you achieve this. I offer hypnobirthing classes in London and around the Home Counties.

Once you’ve completed your hypnobirthing course I then offer support by phone or email leading up to your labour.  Should anything come up or you just want a chat I am happy to support or guide you.

There are many different hypnobirthing methods and I teach the KG Hypnobirthing course. This is an extremely extensive and informative course offering parents some amazing nuggets of information, relaxation and visualisation techniques. The techniques learnt you can continue to use beyond birth to relax and calm you in many situations. I often find myself using the breathing techniques to bring me back to a place of calm! The classes are beneficial for all – Mum, Dad, birthing partner and baby.

I travel around London and also host hypnobirthing classes in Ascot, Cobham, Esher, Henley, Thame, Virgina Waters, Weybridge, Woodham. The area list is vast so get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you.

One to one hypnobirthing classes

My one to one hypnobirthing classes in London are held in the comfort of your own home. One to one hypnobirthing classes are tailored to suit you as parents.  If you find that you’re a first time parent, parents looking for a refresher course or a bespoke hypnobirthing course I can tailor the perfect course for you.

The cost of the course is inclusive of both parents. I welcome you to invite an additional birth partner at no extra cost. My Mum as well as my partner were at the birth of my son. . I understand that sometimes we want an additional person around during labour.

Group hypnobirthing classes

For those parents wanting to share a hypnobirthing course with other expectant parents I host group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham. Group classes give expectant parents the opportunity to meet other parents from in and around the Twickenham area.

My next group hypnobirthing class will be held over 2 sessions on Sunday 19 March and Saturday 1 April 2017. The classes run from 09.00 – 14.00. I use the The Heart host my hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham.  The Heart is a wonderful and very peaceful space – the perfect setting for hypnobirthing.

I am happy to accommodate group classes elsewhere should there be a group of you who would like to do a course together. This could be hosted in one of the groups houses and would be the same format as my group hypnobirthing classes in Twickenham. They can be held of 2, 3 or 4 sessions.

Want to know more?

To find out more about hypnobirthing or to book your hypnobirthing classes in London or elsewhere – get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!  Let Hypnobirthing Mumma help you find the perfect course to suit you.

Ali x

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Hypnobirthing Mumma’s Love of Yoga

Hypnobirthing Mumma’s Love of Yoga

Talk to me about anything pregnancy related and you’ll get a very positive vibe from me. I’m not denying I have days when I’m exhausted seeking the caffeine (some days the wine!) but I love it. I’m getting ahead of myself as rewind 8 years & I’d have told you quite categorically that childbirth is the most unnatural thing in the world! Followed by I like the idea of yoga but I wanted a ‘real’ workout.

Then something changed not all at once but I made a new year’s resolution that I would take up yoga and wow! Amazing going into a class that’s not competitive, all about acceptance and positive vibes. At first I thought I’m never going to be able to do this. I was a gym bunny so I was fit but my flexibility was a lot to be desired. Several years on I’ve still got a long way to go but I swear by yoga. It’s improved my strength more so than anything I’ve ever done in the gym.

I then reached a stage in my life where having a baby became a priority. Something changed in my mind set that actually woman are made to birth a baby. Like most women I’ve got friends who have mixed births some a breeze, others needing intervention but at the end of them they all had wonderful babies. We were delighted when I fell pregnant and I started on the amazing journey that is pregnancy.

I’d always worked out and was lucky enough to feel energized and healthy for the duration of my pregnancy. I continued to do most of the things I enjoyed at my gym including yoga regularly. My priority during pregnancy was my health and wellbeing – ensuring I could do everything possible for my unborn baby.

I visualised a relaxed, natural birth but was open minded knowing that sometimes we don’t always get what we want. I booked a private hypnobirthing course as the principles aligned with what I wanted and was amazed at what I learnt I was so inspired.  So much so I recommended it to many pregnant friends!

The day arrived when my baby decided that he wanted to make an appearance. It was a very chilled day I wasn’t even sure if I was in labour so carried on with my day.

My labour was a wonderful expereience. I’ll tell you I had harder days at work and I spent the duration of my labour in a happy place with my partner and Mum. Hypnobirthing was fantastic for me. I was so pleased I’d done it but what I also found out during labour was how much my yoga came into it too. The combination of yoga and hypnobirthing worked perfectly for me. It allowed me to take myself to a chilled out place. Believing in my body and the breath work ensured I was relaxed and my Oxytocin hormone levels high. I birthed a very calm little boy.

So I’d had my son and I was loving life.  Enjoying maternity leave but also realising I’d found something I was so passionate about and wanted to share with other pregnant women. Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga. It’s the two things I advise friends to do when they ask my advice around pregnancy. I truly believe they helped me be strong in mind and body pre and post labour. I wanted to do more than just be passionate so I retrained as a Hypnobirthing teacher.  This is one of the most amazing courses I’ve ever attended and get this it was in a yoga centre – I was in heaven! I felt so inspired.

I’m currently doing a BWY Foundation Yoga course and am going to train as a pregnancy yoga and baby yoga teacher. I finally feel like I’ve found my vocation and who knew considering I was the one who said childbirth was unnatural all those years ago.

So my advice to you ladies… Embrace your pregnancy and be kind to your body. If its your thing enjoy the yoga before, during and after your pregnancy. I find it can be more satisfying than the caffeine or the wine when you’ve had ‘one of those days’.

Ali x